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The heart of the SR-71 "Blackbird" : the mighty J-58 engine : links

Due to its aesthetic, performance, and the mystery that has always surrounded its career, the SR-71 has always been a fascinating aircraft. It is therefore not surprising that the World Wide Web is full of sites on its subject. Among those sites, many continue to improve on the common knowledge about this aircraft. Here is a selection of sites containing original documents, rich in data and images on this subject:

One of the most interesting site is certainly, presenting in particular an iconography illustrating each of the 50 aircraft in the family, except the 61-17966 since its very short career has caused it to elude the photographers. This site also follows the news about the displays that continue to commemorate the career of the Blackbird.

Another site, created by a SR-71 enthusiast opens the door to the world of the Blackbirds. In this site, you will not only discover the main characteristics of these aircraft, but also the richness of information that the fans can provide about it. It is a most interesting site.

For those courageous readers having the inclination, you can even download the flight manual of the SR-71 at the following address:

The reputable American magazine "Air and Space" has in a past issue published an article about the SR-71s. But on its Website, that same magazine often publishes some very interesting complements. At the address below, you will find in particular, an excellent article about the functioning of the SR-71's air inlets. Do not hesitate to visit the remainder of the site.

Model builders have not been forgotten. Thanks to the retiring of the aircraft from service, and its secret status declassification, it was possible during the past years to assemble some photo files. Among the most complete, we would like to suggest the following addresses.

For prime technical information, as well as iconography, nothing surpasses the NASA sites. There are some pages dedicated to some YF-12s and SR-71s that have been used for miscellaneous experiments (study kinetic temperature rise, ultraviolet rays, sonic bang, super stato-reactor, etc.). Be sure to also explore all the pages of this site where you will spend many enjoyable, and exciting hours of reading.