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French fighter pilots 1939-1945.

Georges Tricaud

by Christian-Jacques Ehrengardt
Philippe Listemann
Pierre-André Tilley
Translation: Michel  Léveillard

A native of St Gaudens in the Haute-Garonne department of France on August 27th 1901, Georges Martial Tricaud enlisted in the aviation branch for four years in January 1921, serving with the 317th aviation regiment. Obtaining his wings in September of the same year, he was then affected to the Military School in Versailles and hence to the Military School of the Corps of Engineers.

After graduating with the rank of Second Lieutenant, he was assigned to the 33rd regiment in October 1926, becoming one of the squadron leaders, and promoted to First Lieutenant in June 1930. After a brief assignment at Etampes as an instructor, he was named squadron leader for the future 11th bomb wing in September 1931.

Promoted to Captain in March 1933, he was assigned to what would become the 4th Fighter wing in January 1934; first as squadron leader, and then as the group's second in command. In June 1937, he took command of the newly formed GARALD 572 (regional group of aerial defense) in Algiers, later on renamed ERC 572 (Regional fighter squadron) before forming the nucleus of GC II/9 in November 1939, where he became the second in command.

In command of GC I/6 from December 14, 1939 to August 16, 1940, he was promoted to Major on May 11th, 1940. In August 1940, he took command of GC III/9, which was reborn by absorbing a squadron of the dissolved I/6. On the 8th of April 1941 he was heading the GC II/5 and was reported missing on November 8, 1942 while engaging a superior force of Grumman F4F from the VF-41 flight. 


Flight Lieutnant / Captain
GC I/6
07.04.40 (11) Ju 52  Meurcourt [70]

Squadron Leader / Major
20.05.40 (1) Bf 109 Corbie [80]
21.05.40 (4) Do 17 Cambrai [59]
GC II/5 
08.11.42 (2) Wildcat  Camp Cazes [Morocco]
08.11.42 (3) (2) Wildcat  Camp Cazes [Morocco] 

(X): total number of pilots participating to the destruction of the enemy airplane.
[XX]: geographical French department or country.

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Georges Martial Tricaud
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Bloch MB. 152 n°195 (Y-682)
Commandant Georges Tricaud
Salon de Provence (13), December 23rd 1940.
Infography: Pierre-André Tilley, © Aéro-Editions

Major Tricaud's Bloch 152 number 195, damaged by another pilot of GC III/9 on December 23rd 1940. The 2nd squadron of GC 1/6 replaced the 6th squadron of GC III/9 dissolved on August 15 and conserved its "Gallic Warrior" insignia.

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