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Technics :
> The heart of the SR-71 Blackbird : the mighty J-58 engine (Ph. Ricco)
           > First part : genesis
[+pdf]  (new)
The advent of the turbocompressor.
(Ph. Bauduin)

> Breguet 940/941 , The Airplane with the "Deflection slipstream concept" (J. Noetinger) [+pdf]  (new)
René Couzinet , from glory to decline (E. Caloyanni)
Reimar & Walter Horten, two brothers, one wing (Ph. Ballarini)
René Leduc, an aviation Genius (Ph. Ricco)
Lockheed Constellation:(M. Leveillard)
Seversky P-35's unexpected metamorphosis. (L. Fournier)


Red Baron's last flight (Rolf Steiner)
Composite and parasite aircraft (Parts 1 to 3)
(Ph. Ballarini)
Composite and parasite aircraft (2nd part : Zveno) (Ph. Ballarini)
1940: Where is the French Air Force?
(Ph. Ballarini)
The French Air Force of the armistice. (Ph. Ballarini) 
Arado 234, August 1944: not ordinary missions. (Ph. Bauduin)
Gary Powers' misadventure.
(Ph. Ballarini) 

French fighters pilots : (C.J. Ehrengardt)
Jean-Marie Accart.
Marcel Albert 
Roland de La Poype 
Louis Delfino
Albert Folliot
Gabriel Gauthier
Edmond Marin la Meslée
Camille Plubeau
Constantin Rozanoff, "Kostia"
Maurice de Seynes

Robert Thollon
Georges Tricaud

Orders of battle:
French Naval Aviation 1939-1940. (L. Morareau)

Equivalence Board:
French, English, American, German, Japanese, Polish, Soviet, Finnish Air Forces Equivalence Board. (H. Brun)

Aviation before airplane: (Ph. Ballarini) 
Samuel Langley
Otto Lilienthal
Alphonse Pénaud