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To learn more about René Leduc, his career, his aircraft, his achievements, and his projects, a book was written about him by Jean Lacroze and Philippe Ricco: 256 pages 24 X 31.5 centimeters, more than 350 photographs including dozens in color, with a total of nearly 500 illustrations.

René Leduc, un pionnier de la propulsion à réaction.
Larivière Editions:  57,93 €

Available in French only

Gallery page:
This gallery is in addition to the article:
Leduc, an aviation Genius
and gives an idea of some of the photographs included in the book:
"René Leduc, un pionnier de la propulsion à réaction"

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The documents preceded by a red arrow are supplementary and do not appear in the main story :
Leduc, an aviation Genius

Leduc 010
è è A Leduc 010 on the ground.   
è è ¾ rear view of a Leduc 010 atop its Languedoc transporter at the Brétigny Flight Test center.
    è Leduc 010-01 atop Languedoc 31 (SHAA Document).
è è Leduc 010 atop Languedoc (in flight). General ¾ rear view. (Lena Perrin Collection)
Leduc 010 atop Languedoc (in flight). Closer profil view. (Lena Perrin Collection)
Air drop of 010.
Leduc 010 in a glide. (Jean Lanvario Collection)
Languedoc - Leduc 010 during the Orly Airshow on June 15th 1950 (Keystone)

Leduc 016
è è Leduc 016 atop a Languedoc. Note the Turboméca Marboré 1 jet engines on the wingtips.
         (excerpt of a 9.5 millimeters film of Jean Boisbeau)

Leduc 021
è è A color photograph of a Leduc 021 in flight over Istres, post combution lit.
        (Photo J. Corriol., Yvan Littolff Collection)
    è Unusual front view photograph of a Leduc 021. (Aline Leduc Collection)
    è Official photo of the second air drop of Leduc 021-01, Brétigny, August 17th 1953. (Photo M. Dufay)
    è Leduc 021s presentation at Le Bourget in 1955. (Dassault Document)
    è Yvan Littolff in the cockpit of a Leduc 021. (Keystone)

Leduc 022
è è Leduc 022 on the ground. (3/4 rear view) (Photo Jacques Descroix)
è è Leduc 022 in flight. (André Galopin Collection)
è Leduc 022 on the ground. (3/4 front view) (Photo Jacques Descroix)
è è An interesting view: Leduc 022 on the ground at Istres. Note the SE-212 "Durandal" in the background. (Photo CEV)

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