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Lockheed Constellation story

TWA Constellations(TWA Documents)

è  One of the first TWA Constellation.

è  A Constellation flying over Manhattan.

è  Some years later, a Super Constellation over the same location.

Eastern Airlines Constellation (Collection Mike Léveillard)

è Eastern used some of their Constellations in the cargo configuration.

è Another view of the same cargo Connie.

è Eastern Airlines' paint scheme changed often over the years..

è The impressive nose gear of an Eastern cargo Constellation..

Air France Constellation (Air France documentation)

è Run up.

è Night scene.

è Connie in front of Orly's new terminal.

è From Constellation...

è Super Constellation.

è Arriving passengers.

è Superb view of an Air France Starliner.

Lufthansa Constellations (Lufthansa documentation)

è Lufthansa was equipped with Constellations...

è ...and Super Constellations.

Photos from Craig Simmons. Thanks Craig!

è A superb view of a L-1049 in flight (seen from below).

è An L-1049 starting engines.

Photos from Olav Rhensius ("propfreak"). Thanks Olav!

è A MATS Connie on the ground in Zürich starting engines.

è A MATS Connie on the ground in Zürich ready for takeoff.

è A MATS Connie in Berlin Tempelhof.

click on the jet. is a database providing an impressive collection of amateur's photos of miscellaneous airliners, including many photos of the Constellation.

Please, do no use these pictures found on the web prior consent for their owners, or the webmaster.

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